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We Take Our Lips Seriously.

I first made the lip scrub in my kitchen, because there simply were no scrubs for my lips. I use it every day. No Joke. I'll leave the house in yoga clothes and messy bun but my lips are always scrubbed." - Sara Happ

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Lip Scrub

Exfoliation is step #1 to smooth and healthy lips.

Exfoliation is absolutely the key to glowing skin. That ‘lit from within’ look begins with a clean, smooth foundation. Once skin is free of the dead cells that dull its appearance and block absorption, product can sink in and do its job. When you’re working with new skin, your entire experience changes. You glow.

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Lip Slip

Let Them Drink Up

We've taken out dehydrating ingredients found in most products, and replaced them with polymers and essential oils that truly hydrate. "I believe the world doesn't need another lip balm, it needs the PERFECT one."

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We create, we don't follow. "I'm constantly formulating new lip products that don't exist. My charge to our chemist is to find the most innovative ingredients and break all the rules."


"Leave lips soft and beautiful"

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"Something Something Lips"

"Post something interesting about something lips"

"Last test post"

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